Bendix Titanium Stripe... saves you time and money.

The most striking feature of the General CT range is the Titanium Stripe.

It’s not there to look good, but to do away with the time consuming process of bedding-in. The stripe provides instant friction to deliver positive pedal feel and sure stopping power from the moment the vehicle is driven out of the workshop.


And just think of the hundreds of man hours this Bendix innovation will save you in a year.


What’s more, you can reassure your customers that Bendix General CT pads are safer and surer from the first stop to the last.

Consistent performance

FMP Group, the makers of Bendix, has access to the very latest ceramic technology from Europe and the US. The new General CT range is made from compounds proven over many millions of kilometres based on premium formulations.


The most tangible benefit to the driver is a consistent or constant pedal feel all day long - from a cold start in the morning to the demands of city braking right through the normal driving day.


Each compound is designed for specific applications using premium ceramic formulations for superior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control. So when you order a General CT reference, you know the compound has been exclusively formulated and tested for that particular application.

Ceramic Technology. Quieter and cleaner

The General CT range keeps both dust and noise to a minimum through OE geometry and material composition.

Low quality pads may cost less than General CT but what is the cost of safety and reliability? General CT provides enhanced durability, reduced fade and improved stopping performance.
In addition, General CT brake pads will extend rotor life by producing a film that protects the rotor surface.
How the Titanium Stripe works
Bendix General CT features a unique Titanium Stripe which allows brakes to work effectively without bedding in, offering great pedal feel out the box.

The high friction titanium coating on the brake pad surface mates quickly to the rotor when brakes are first applied and full braking performance is achieved in a few stops.  Normal bedding-in procedure is a minimum of 30 stops – that’s 10 minutes of your time that could be better spent on other jobs!

Features and Benefits:
NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) Control
Product engineered & tested for quieter, cleaner & smoother braking performance.
Titanium Stripe
No bedding-in required meaning less down time and improved customer satisfaction, instant pedal feel from the first stop.
Ceramic Technology
Latest friction technology giving improved stopping performance, low dust, low rotor wear and enhanced durability
Designed to Suit a Broad Range of Driving Styles
A Premium disc brake pad that combines superior value & performance for everyday driving applications.
Wide Range
All major references available covering majority of light, small, medium & large vehicles
Premium Quality product Eliminate Re-work*
Ongoing commitment to total quality means no reworks, saving you both time & money & guaranteeing customer satisfaction & safety on the roads.
* "If a part is non-genuine, but is interchangeable with the genuine part, it could be seen as being fit or appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufacturer's warranty." Source: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) ruling published in Consumer Express publication, April 2005, Issue 1445-9671